Yireo API

Welcome to this public API of Yireo. This API is used to expose Yireo extensions (mostly commercial extensions) to the public.

This API works by passing GET parameters in the URL, either in a URL-format /name,value or as a regular GET value ?name=value.


The following parameters are supported: - resource which can be either packages, download or composer - request: The extension name or the filename to access. - key


/packages/ - This link lists all available packages. The details provided per package lack a download link, because no key was given.

/packages/?key=ABCDE - This link lists all available packages including a download link (provided the key was a valid subscription key).

/composer?key=ABCDE - This link lists all composer packages available under a specific subscription key ABCDE. The output of the resource composer lists the same packages as the resource packages, but this time in composer JSON format. This URL could be configured in a projects composer.json file as an additional composer repository.

/download/Foo_Bar.zip?key=ABCDE - This link would actually download the file Foo_Bar.zip (provided the key was a valid subscription key with access to this file).

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